New Update! Tate mode, Music, Colors!

Howdy Upsquid buddies! I'm back with another little update!

Tate mode has been a long-requested feature, so there is a new build up for Windows and MacOS that fulfills that!

I also took the opportunity to add 16 new palettes! My personal favorite? Espresso!

mmm so smooth...

Last but not least - ALL of the music has been refreshed! The original 15 second tune has been updated to almost 2 minutes, and THREE new music tracks have been added to give every playthrough a little more originality!

Speaking of which - you can listen to and purchase the album right here on itch!

That's it for now! I hope you all are having a good year, hope to see you soon! ✌️

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Version 1 Sep 16, 2022 77 MB
Version 1 Sep 16, 2022 77 MB
Version 3 Sep 16, 2022 77 MB
Version 6 Sep 16, 2022


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