Upsquid got a major facelift!

Good morning 2022! Did you notice something new about Upsquid??

I spent a few months recreating it from scratch! I've always loved Upsquid and always wanted to return to it and give it a little love, so I did!

If you've played the old version, you're bound to notice some big differences - updated graphics, friendlier mechanics, new obstacles, and levels with ...uh...horizontality?

Is this it for Upsquid? I dunno! I have done fun plans and ideas that I'd like to get to this year - new maps, levels, maybe even some bigger encounters?? This all sort of depends on the reception of the game, how much time I can spend on it, and how well those ideas turn out, so share Upsquid with your friends and keep your eyes peeled!

I hope this little game brings you some happiness in the new year!


Files 77 MB
Version 6 Sep 16, 2022 77 MB
Version 4 Dec 31, 2021


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is there a chance you could build a mac version? 👀

A big chance! I'll reply again once one is uploaded :)


👀 my 3€ are ready


someone call my wife!! new UPSQUID dropped!!!