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really liked it :)

Definitely fun.  Way fun.  Very solid game.  A must-play.

A Cyberpunk game?  If so?  I'll definitely play.

helicopter level

This is great! I may have managed to make a stack of rockets so tall that my dude went out of the wall and off the screen. Seems like a bug, but hard to say how much of it was a bug, haha. 

I would Love to see this as a metroidvania


Good concept and well executed game ! :)

Deleted post

i quit, that helicopter level is just horrible. otherwise nice and polished game would be a 10/10 without the helicopter level 

I couldnt agree more

Very nice game! I love how I could just keep adding the weapon mods. I didn't like the helicopter level though.


It's adorable, but THAT HELICOPTER HAT LEVEL IS DA WORST! It's so finicky and hard to control! otherwise, though, it's a neat game!

god freaking- I hate how you need to remove and re-add the jump mod to actually jump, and how the hat just keeps going up even if you stop pressing it.

you press x when you hit the ground

It's getting frozen before the spawn animation finishes after I press 'x' and 'c' :( Gifs look awesome, nice pixel art.

Cool game and interesting concept!

Very cute! I  love how tall the hitbox gets after a while.